Requesting an Independent Study

Choose wisely
Choose an Independent Study topic in which you have a particular interest. Choose a topic that is not covered in a regularly offered course. Then, determine whether certain professors have a particular interest in your topic. Alert these professors to your intention to request the independent study.

Ask early
Independent studies must be requested one term in advance. Requests are due on the first Friday of pre-enrollment. For example, if you want to do an Independent Study in Winter term, you must apply by the third week in October, half way through the pre-enrollment period.

Make it easy
Download the Request for Independent Study form. Completing this form and attaching well developed descriptions of your proposed project will enable the department to consider your request properly. Requests that do not accompany this form will not be considered.

Sit tight
The department will alert you as soon as possible as to whether your request has been approved. You do not need to contact the department. Understand that independent study requests may be denied due to restrictions in the number of independent studies professors can supervise in any given term.